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A demonstration: Bing Pong 19
kiefferbp's tumblr
Official Bing Pong subreddit: /r/bingpong

Instructions on setting up mobile searches

/r/bingpong: Bing Pong v0.20.37-8 feedback thread

UPDATE (10/29/14):
It looks like Bing is beginning another crack down on all Bing Rewards bots, causing only manual searches to work for some users.
I have just pushed out an update that might work, so please try it out if you cannot get any credits.
I will be closely monitoring this situation.

Silver status (35 searches)
Gold status (95 searches)
Pause - seconds between searches
Run with multiple accounts (setup instructions)
Wait for an IP change every account(s)
Perform dashboard tasks (setup instructions)
Automatically run Bing Pong on each visit
Automatically run Bing Pong daily at
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